Le Grand tarot De l’ Amour 80 Cards in English German French and Hungarian


A special Tarot in the MIRROR OF LOVE, which teaches, advises and leads you through some paths of love in history



The structure of Tarot Major Arcana: Love Tarot, similarly to the old basic cards of Venice and Marseilles, includes twenty-two cards. The meaning of twenty-two in numerology is EVERYTHING, WHOLENESS and the whole WORLD. According to the Hebrew alphabet it is the complete knowledge of GOD, ALL WISDOM and TRUTH. According to various thinkers and old Tarot Masters everything that takes place is part of the language of God, and Hebrew letters are the aspects of God, the parts of divinity and the units of energy. If we could identify Hebrew letters with the 22 aces of Tarot with complete certainty, this idea would also be true for Tarot. (This is the reason why the books of authors thinking alongside numerology are usually divided to 22 chapters, as their major goal is to throw light upon ancient mysteries.) The Tarot deck includes 56 Minor Arcana symbolized with 4 suits; in Love Tarot four nations are connected to them: -SWORDS (spades- element of air)- HUNGARIAN -CHALICES (hearts- element of water)- FRENCH -WANDS (clubs- element of fire)- GERMAN -COINS (diamonds- element of earth)- ENGLISH Courtly cards belong to each suit: -KING -QUEEN -PRINCE -PRINCESS Numerological cards are also included, ranging from ace to ten. Two additional cards are also included, for when using the deck of my outstanding mentor, Dr Kazanlár Emil Ámin, I recognized how useful these two cards are: -INTUITION (Intuition plays a role in every single decision of ours and in some cases it outdoes our conscious abilities. The ability of intuition is universal and can be improved gradually.) -REASON (conscious system of limited capacity)


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