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Exclusive Love Tarot & Chocolate Gifts

For a lover of  chocolate  there can be few better gifts. Our Karina Love Tarot – « Le Grand Tarot de l’Amour » card is available now with Lindt Chocolate, a masterclass in excellence.

Send an exclusive birthday greetings!

Treat your loved ones to every event of the year with our selection of gourmet gifts: gift boxes, nice bottles, gourmet chocolate, tarot card, yoga sets..

Here you’ll find a fantastic range of tarot card & chocolate gifts, which are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Days.

With any of our tarot and chocolate gift sets, you’ll be sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.


Treat your loved ones with our sweet gifts selection!

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People like to feel special and appreciated


Giving a gift to your friends who are going away for college, to a coworker who is retiring or to a family member who is planning on moving abroad is just one of the many ways to show gratification. Giving them a personalised gift will make your relationship with them all that much stronger and in addition, it will give them something to remember you by. Furthermore, they will also appreciate the fact that you took the time to find or create something special just for them.

Treat your loved ones with our sweet gifts selection!


I. Le Grand Tarot de l’Amour


  • « Tarot is the mirror of our life, existence, the print of our thoughts, feelings and emotions that shows the most accurate picture of our ‘whole’ being.  It provides help in finding our destiny, waking our spiritual memories, in shedding some light on our personal life-plan and exploring our spiritual plans.  It is like a GPS, which navigates us safely through the unknown roads of our lives. In order to entrust ourselves to this particular map, the most important thing is to know how to use it. If we get to know it well, the tarot’s magical cards will help in taking decisions in all areas of life and love, since rationality is often a bad counselor in times of crisis, while the subconscious probably knows the right way. The tarot brings this knowledge to the surface, from within us.   »
    Extrait de: Karina Hubert. « Karina Love Tarot- The Choice of Love epub. » Apple Books.
  • in French, English, German and Hungarian
III. Lindt Excellence Chocolate


  • Lindt chocolate is expertly crafted with the finest ingredients; experience the intense flavors and rich aromas of cocoa beans in this fine chocolate bar.
  • This dark chocolate bars will be perfect to share at the office, enjoy at a dinner party, or bake with at home; the perfect dark chocolate gift
  • Made with premium ingredients from world-renowned regions
Who doesn’t love getting a surprise gift out of the blue? The unexpectedness of the gift will surely be a pleasant surprise and could potentially make your friend’s or family member’s day (maybe even their week).


As you might have noted throughout the article, gift-giving is an important part of human interactions. It’s a way to express your feelings when words aren’t enough. Additionally, you can also choose to give someone a present for no other reason than to make that person happy – the true essence of gift-giving.

Can you imagine the look that would steal over across your friends or family member’s faces when they receive a surprise gift on what was supposed to be an ordinary day? Their expressions would no doubt shift from confused to surprise before settling on an expression of utter glee and delight. Their eyes would light up and the smile that they’ll give as they thank you will undoubtedly leave you feeling warm, satisfied and giddy – like the cat that caught the canary.

In conclusion, gift-giving is something that is in our blood. We’re hardwired to experience happiness when we give gifts (and when we see other people receiving our gifts and looking genuinely grateful). So it would make every bit of sense that instead of just waiting for special occasions (like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) or holidays (Valentines or Christmas) that we use every excuse that we can manage to think of in order to shower our loved ones with presents that we know they will love, appreciate and enjoy.

If you’re feeling rather inspired and would like to give someone a gift ‘just because’, why not visit our website (Amour Tarot) and browse through our range of premium photo books, prints and gift items. Who knows, maybe in your search to find the perfect gift for someone, you’ll come across something that you might want for yourselves. A win-win situation!


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