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Everybody has a different concept and opinion about love and feels differently while experiencing it. This love tarot was created to help you contact your spiritual leaders when you love, feel, seek, grow, and heal. It could be the mirror of your life and existence; or be the print of your thoughts, feelings and emotions that shows the most accurate picture of your whole being. It provides help in finding your destiny, waking your spiritual memories, in shedding some light on your personal life-plan and exploring your spiritual plans.


Today, a tarot reading is as common as going to yoga. They are both practices that quiet the mind and bring you into a state of higher listening, which helps you to become the active observer of your present experience. Doing so allows intuition to blossom as you become adept at finding answers to life’s biggest, smallest, and most interesting questions.


This love tarot book containing historical figures will help you to understand the mysterious world of tarot better and gain a bit deeper self-recognition, it pushes you forward in unexpected ways, unleashing possibilities that you can scarcely imagine. You can consult the cards as part of a daily self-care ritual, use them for interactive self-reflection, or rely on them as a tool for thinking through particular challenges or questions.


Tarot is not barely a tool of fortune telling for you, but also a system of initiation which brings self-recognition; you can use the very depth of your creativity; you can understand the messages from your passed-away loved ones and you can receive signs in connection with your health and well-being.

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The Tarot is the mirror of our life, existence, the print of our thoughts, feelings and emotions that shows the most accurate picture of our ‘whole’ being.  It provides help in finding our destiny, waking our spiritual memories, in shedding some light on our personal life-plan and exploring our spiritual plans.  

It is like a GPS, which navigates us safely through the unknown roads of our lives. In order to entrust ourselves to this particular map, the most important thing is to know how to use it. If we get to know it well, the tarot’s magical cards will help in taking decisions in all areas of life and love, since rationality is often a bad counselor in times of crisis, while the subconscious probably knows the right way. The tarot brings this knowledge to the surface, from within us.